Disclosure Schedule for Software Company Purchase

I have a client who is selling his software (e-commerce) business. Buyer has set up a virtual due diligence room and is now asking for seller’s counsel to take all of the docs in the shared Dropbox and have them inserted into the disclosure schedule.

Is there a (relatively) easy way to do this in terms of referencing documents already shared? Or do the docs have to be reproduced or copied into the disclosure document itself?

@dancogroup It depends on the other party - I have represented sellers mostly and the buyer (or their counsel) will typically set out what they want and how they want it.

If there are a lot of documents and a data room has been set up, I have referenced Dropbox links so that I don’t copy and paste what they already have. I simply refer to the location of the responsive material(s) for each of the disclosure document sections and that has typically worked.

Hope this helps.

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