In Person Hearings

Hey everyone,

Figured i’d take everyone back into the past in honor of my first in-person hearing tomorrow since Covid started. What are some things you miss about arguing in person and what are some things you’ll miss about conducting these hearings over zoom?

I’m going to miss the convenience of Zoom, that is for sure. Got a two hour round trip for probably a 5 minute argument tomorrow afternoon. I am looking forward to interacting with OC and the Judge/Court staff and feeling a bit more normal.

Would love to hear what others are looking forward to about going back to in-person and what y’all are going to miss.

I only did litigation for about a year after passing the bar, so I got a mix of in-person and Zoom. I definitely liked the convenience of rolling up to the computer 10 minutes before the hearing. But I missed being able to bill for all of the travel and waiting time. Also, as a new attorney, it felt like a lot less pressure appearing via Zoom than having to stand up in front of everyone in person.

But now I’m in a purely transactional role and must admit that I don’t really miss anything about litigation!

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Maybe I’m old school but I am happy to be getting back to in-person court. I never realized how much I needed that driving time to unwind and take mental breaks. With zoom court it’s just jumping from one screen to another with almost no down time.