Legably Forum Feedback

I’ve spent a few weeks on Legably and wanted to offer some feedback and encourage anyone else to add to it:

I’ve enjoyed the different Forum topics and keywords that allow you to connect with others in the same practice field. Specifically, in the Referrals and Resources thread, I have come across different opportunities for extra work and a place to seek/give referrals. There have been a few times where another user has offered a referral for work in different areas of the law that people have been able to jump on, which is great.

Legably has been helpful in spurring along conversations regarding different topics, especially if I have come across a difficult legal question in my field, i’m able to seek the opinions of others that might have more experience than i do. Having a specific Forum thread for General Practice Questions goes a long way towards accomplishing this. This thread also has allowed me to brush up on areas of the law that i am not involved in, most recently that has been Trusts and Estates. There have been a few different posts about this area of the law and even some linked blog posts that i’ve been able to read and learn more about.

Obviously, the Forum is fairly new, but i do believe once there is more back and forth within the different threads, more questions will be answered. I am a part of a few different personal injury specific List-Serves, but none encompass all areas of the law, provide resources, and even answer Court specific questions like Legably. The site, especially the Forum, has a lot of potential so long as the users buy-in and converse back and forth. I think asking non-specific questions early on will help spur this conversation and aid the site in growth, which i think will help a lot.

These are some of my thoughts, looking forward to seeing Legably grow into a more “frequent flyer” of a List-Serve type website as time goes on.

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