Picking a mediator

Good afternoon everyone,

Something that I have been wondering recently is how do others typically go about selecting their mediators or proposing their mediators to OC? The way I’ve done it is a mixture of personal experience with the specific mediator/their office, or based off of price. Is there any particular source you look at when selecting a mediator or does basically everyone use this sort of experience/price method? In your experience do you notice price being a reflection of the quality of the mediator?

Here in Dallas you can find some 1/2 day mediations for $250, but you seem to get what you pay for. We also see a lot of push-back from OCs that have their certain mediators they like to work with, and we have ours.

How do you handle the actual determining the mediator with OC? Most of the time it feels like its own negotiation going back and forth and choosing a mutually agreeable mediator. Are there any tips or tricks that you find relatively helpful? I feel like part of it is trial and error until you find a mediator that is respectable on both sides and fair, and then you decide to run with them for as long as you can?

Obviously mediation is happening more and more so I’d love to pick everyone’s brains and see the thought process behind selecting/offering up mediators as this can be such a key piece to a successful case. Thanks in advance, hope everyone is having a great week!