Referral/Information Sought for a Special Needs Guardian

I have a unique question, does anyone by chance know a lawyer that deals with special needs/intellectually disabled individuals as their guardian? Specifically, PC is a child (parent would be client) that was told they were not autistic by the school and therefore the services were denied to them, although the child is severely autistic.

Even if you do not know a specific attorney to refer, does anyone have knowledge in this area or any recommendations on the best way to proceed for the parents? I’ve done a fair share of research but nothing concrete regarding this particular issue. Looking forward to hearing if anyone has dealt with this before.

I’m not an attorney - just a paralegal. However, I do have experience in this area not just because I’ve been a paralegal for over 30 years now, but also because I’ve had my own challenges with my daughter who was ADHD. Frankly, appointing an attorney over a child can be a whole other headache for the child, and should be a last resort taken only when you’re dealing with the court. I say this because I have countless stories where guardians are used to constructively deny a child the services they actually need and then the parents can’t go around them because it’s the guardian now who makes the decisions - not the parents. If you need an attorney you can trust - well that’s why I work freelance. I’ve found lots of attorneys I don’t want to support - so I freelance. However, I have found one I do trust - which means everything when in your situation. Call me to discuss your situation and how I might help. 213.414.6095