Site Feedback - Suggestions

Thought i’d offer some site feedback on this Friday:

Something i’ve enjoyed is the daily Legably summary i’ve received to my email. I like knowing if my posts have been viewed and how many times, if any. I’ve also enjoyed being notified if anyone else has posted, that way i know whether or not a question has been posed that i can answer.

Something that i’d like to recommend is instituting a rewards system for posting/engaging on the forums. I’m not sure how this would work in practice, but if a month of free membership or another prize was rewarded for engagement, i think we would see more people engaging on each post. Unfortunately, post engagement has been low recently, and i like to think if there were more of a reason to engage, that people would do.

These are just my opinions, i’ll keep engaging either way, but hope others begin to do the same!

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