Some Thoughts on Being A Lawyer

Some thoughts on the legal profession and being a lawyer:

  1. To be a lawyer requires that you have mental fortitude. You need to be able to play the role of the “bad guy.” You need to be able to accept criticism whether warranted or not. It does not mean though needing to put up with disrespect or being treated as anything less than a human being.

  2. You need to accept that you will make mistakes.
    Mistakes of the small kind. Mistakes of the large kind. This is okay. You will have days when you struggle. You will have days when you excel. Such is life. To make mistakes is to be human.

  3. You do not work as a lawyer because of an innate
    desire to get thanked every time something goes right. You are a lawyer because you want to be a lawyer. Being a lawyer is not an easy job.

  4. Regardless of what law school can teach you or
    will teach you, being an attorney is a journey of lifelong learning. Being a lawyer also more and more means having a degree of tech-savvy.

  5. Tech savvy does not mean you need to know how to code or that you must develop the apps you use to do your work. It does mean knowing how to make optimal use of the applications that you use or need to use to do your job effectively for your clients.

  6. You do not need to know everything. You will never
    know everything. Seek out help. Seek out guidance. Welcome both. Do not fear doing so.

  7. Don’t be a jerk. Don’t leave your humanity at the door when you enter or leave school or when you enter or leave the legal profession.

Hi Colin, I really like your list. I think 3 is a super important one that I see a lot of us forget on the daily. I also echo number 7, it blows my mind when I see lawyers turn an email chain or a phone call into an aggressive conversation when it’s completely unnecessary. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks so much for your kind words!

This list is great! Numbers 4 and 5 especially are spot-on. Legal technology has advanced rapidly and there are so many ways to optimize my practice - it’s simply amazing and saves so much time (and saves client money!). I have worked at firms that definitely did not use any of the efficiency-increasing legal tech services available and it was very frustrating.